Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Retrospectivism - Anti-Pop Consortium

I've decided it's about time to have a few regular features on this blog. So that regular readers can know what to expect, and so that I can have a few points of focus for people scanning through old blogs.

The first feature I've come up with: "Retrospectivism" is all about promoting music that I like, that people may not know about. I'll post up a few choices of a band or group's back catalogue for people to check out. In the hopes of spreading the word about great music.

And Yes, in the manner of Stephen Colbert, I have completely invented a word in order to make it sound a bit catchy.

Today's Subject: Anti-Pop Consortium

"Heatrays" off of APC's debut album "Tragic Epilogue"

"What Am I" off of APC's debut album "Tragic Epilogue"

"Ping Pong" off APC's Album "Arrythmia"

"Mega" off APC's Album "Arrythmia"

"Slow Horn" off APC's Album "Antipop Vs. Matthew Shipp"

"Volcano" off APC's Album "Fluorescent Black"

"Capricorn One" off APC's Album "Fluorescent Black"

Those are my picks from the vast array of incredible songs this band has to offer. If any of these tracks interest you please look further into Anti-pop Consortium's Back Catalogue, and try to catch them on tour.

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