Sunday, 30 May 2010

Patrick's Sketch Diary 11

Ever been to the restaurant 'Leon', in London? You should if you haven't , it's quite good. Lunchtime quickness, but goodness.

This guy works there, he is built like an industrial kiln. I drew him while I was waiting for my food. (which came very quickly indeed.)

Patrick's Sketch Diary 10

I drew this whilst Kate and Elliot chose our dinner vegetables from Borough Market, London.

Sunday, 23 May 2010

Patrick's Sketch Diary 3

Patrick's Sketch Diary 2

Patrick's Sketch Diary 1

I've been keeping a sketchbook Diary for the past 3 months...

I used to keep a normal diary and annotate it with the occasional picture, but this way around seems to work better for me. Anyway, now that I've got a scanner I will be chucking up the occasional few pages that you might find amusing.

Tune in next time for some more sketchy action!

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Oh... Hello. Thought I forgot about you?

Today I'm in the Studio/Clubhouse with Alex and KB. Working on some new music. We are very much in the experimental stages of a new project.... So at this stage, anything goes.

Including wearing Power Sovereigns!

We have been steadily building up an unhealthy amount of rare/antique instruments and technology, so that we can draw from a crazy deep well of different sonics for inspiration. I recently got hold of a beautiful MPC 2000xl (shown below), the favoured Sampler/Sequencer of Dr. Dre, DJ Shadow etc etc. It's incredible, and will feature highly on much of the new music I create. Perhaps I will finally complete that Savante-Garde record I always wanted to do! haha.The MPC 2000xl

I'm aware I have been dramatically incommunicado of late... much of this is to do with moving house and having no net, but I am also to blame for keeping myself busy with doing so much actual stuff, that I have no time to report any of it! haha.

I will try and get a bit more on this Blog of mine in the coming months though. Keep checking in.