Sunday, 22 November 2009

The Jackson Quints - Nosebleed Sessions

A few years ago I had to get an operation on my nose, which had been broken a couple of times, and the operation had complications. Complications which led to me having another operation to fix it afterwards, resulting in about a month and a half off work.

During this time I wasn't allowed to really leave my house either, for fear of it getting infected, So I bided my time watching films and TV, writing music, and making what I believed to be the best mix-tape the world has ever known.

This mix tape "The Nosbleed Sessions" seamlessly mixed songs I liked with mash ups and rarities. Listening back on it now... I realize some of the mashups are fairly evil...

But then again I was basically locked up for a month so there.

This is what happens when you mix Aphex Twin with the Jackson 5.


P.s. If anyone's interested in owning a copy of the mix tape... contact me.

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