Thursday, 16 February 2012

New Workblog, Naked Lunch designs.

Ok so... I'm currently designing a bunch of t-shirts/stage banners etc for an electronic band called Naked Lunch.

And while I can't really reveal much of the imagery I've been doing... I thought I might post up a very very small portion of one of the drawings I've been doing as a sort of means of demonstrating the way that illustrators have to constantly adapt ideas to create the best image for the client.

Below is part of the initial drawing I did of a female figure. The finished image will be on one of the big stage banners which will appear either side of the band. It is literally the very very first drawing so has no rendering or shading yet. But it was a 'look' image to send to the client to see if I was on the right track.
The initial brief was to draw on military/S&M/& Sci-Fi comic imagery to create her look. So I put her in a wasp waist bodice and gave her military shoulder pads and a military armband. At this stage I was pleased with the direction, but knew the drawing needed more grit. I was yet to add her buckles and the shine of her leather outfit, but even that I thought might not make her look dominating enough. The problem lay with her face looking too "pretty".

After a discussion with the client we decided the best course of action was to give her some gnarly breathing apparatus and begin to add the dominatrix style buckles and straps to her outfit. The face mask served to add to the sci-fi element, whilst also blocking out her feminine features.

This work is FAR from done, but it's now on the right path. I'll post up more as and when it's finished and cleared for use.