Wednesday, 25 November 2009

(W)Hell, (W)Hell, (W)Hell.... what have we got here then?

Anyone who saw the brilliant documentary film "Religulous" (A critique on Religion by Larry Charles/Bill Maher), will have possibly been shocked by the American priest in Vatican city who openly criticized the many contradictions of Christian/Catholic life. Not because his views were particularly radical, but because he was an 'insider' of a right-wing belief system, residing in it's Headquarters, who seemed to have a very left-wing perspective.

Well, the following video is equally amazing. It features Bishop John Shelby Spong openly stating that he believes "Hell is an invention of the church and people don’t need to be born again, they need to grow up..."

Absolutely amazing.

Does this mean that the church actually has as wide a range of views within itself, as exist outside of it? Or are there just one or two 'rogues' operating within the church?

And more importantly...

To what point can one reject the core traditions of a religion, before one simply no longer actually practices that religion?

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Patrick C said...

I sourced this video off of Derren Brown's User Submitted Blog. It's very good.