Friday, 27 November 2009

Beach Boys over Jose Gonzales. Another Nosebleed Mix

Here's another Mashup I did for my "Nosebleed Sessions" Mixtape all those years ago. Basically, only about 5 people have ever heard the tapes. So I figure this is an easy way to share all those hours I wasted alone in my house while I was ill.


This is the spooky result of putting the Beach Boys over Jose Gonzales.

I included the Segue at the end into the next track (which was the Bright Eyes/NIN/Quannum Mash) to both cheer you up after the melancholy, and to give you an idea of the mix flow.

1 comment:

kate said...

Very spooky, I can picture you making it with your constant nosebleed :( poor you. It says you posted this at 05.08? surely thats not right, unless you got up in the very early hours which I very much doubt! x