Saturday, 24 September 2011

A step forward for electronic mind reading machines...

I had to post this up because I really think it's not only an amazing step for science, but also because the images that are being produced during reconstruction are actually quite beautiful.

Essentially, what's happening is that scientists are using brain activity mapping to recreate images seen by a viewer. Through the use of a library of millions of youtube videos, (unseen by the viewer) and brain activity readouts, the scientists are reconstructing perceived images. The result is this leading, yet ambiguous blend of high contrast images. As paintings these would not be out of place in the Tate.

Read more at PopSci

Monday, 19 September 2011

A larger version of the insect commission:

The last post didn't allow you to actually look at the image larger which I've already (5 mins after posting!) had a complaint about. Haha. This version should fix that issue.

Click the image to see a larger version

Another pro commission for scriptwriter Mike j Rawson

You may remember earlier this year I posted a blog about a set of design commissions I'd done for a scriptwriter called Mike J. Rawson. Well I just finished another piece for the front of one of his scripts and I thought I might post it up for you guys to see. It's a radio script is about a society of insects/mollusks & animals. It's bonkers, but super funny.

First here's the inked (but uncoloured) image:

And here's the image after it had been coloured/textured & placed on the script's cover page:

I'm really pleased with the way this piece came out, and I hope it helps grab the attention of producers!

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Ryan Adam's plays title track from his upcoming Album "Ashes & Fire"

In this great video which was posted last night, Ryan Adam's treats us to an acoustic performance showcasing his new material. This song is just gorgeous.

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

PatrickJPC vocal sample (and shout out) on Tim Exile youtube video.

The video is short so have a listen to the whole thing, and you get some Patrick voice action.

Join in next time on

Tim Exile Live Jam at 8pm... Musicians needed!

Any follower of my blog will have recently seen an influx of posts about producer Tim Exile's bold and interesting online jam project.

The idea is that he creates live electronic music from user sourced samples. People (including myself) send in vocals, beats, synth lines, basslines etc, and Tim mixes them into seamless organic creations. It's really exciting to be involved with and I urge any musicians out there tonight to have a go at this. It starts at 8pm tonight at

Hopefully see you there!

Free Locksmith MP3 Download... Underground Hip-Hop prod by EASki

There are some EXTREMELY hot lyrics and flows on this track. Locksmith is a hugely underrated MC, and that can't last forever. Download it and check it out.

Sunday, 4 September 2011

Imogen's Birthday Party today!

It's so interesting how even a 2 year old can have really defined opinions and likes/dislikes. My niece Imogen happens to like horses to the extreme that she becomes overcome with joy ever time she see's one. So we've gone for a horse theme for her 2nd Birthday party. Below are a few of the items that will be at the party:

Cara's Amazing HORSE CAKE!

The Almost Complete Horse Drawing

I'll post up images from the party soon!

Thursday, 1 September 2011

Just drawing a massive horse for my Niece's 2nd Birthday Party this weekend!

Primary Drawing and text done.... Next stage: COLOUR!

(She prefers horses to donkeys, and children her age aren't allowed pins.)

Smashing Pumpkin's Launch new free Record Club for SP fans....

The pumpkins are one of my favourite bands ever, and here's a video of Corgan talking about what they are up to at the moment, and how to get your hands on a free download of the original "Drown" demo. (It sounds awesome btw.)

Join the club at: