Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Also... Make Your Own Birthday Presents...

Here is a painting I did for my friend Christopher Robin who I blogged about in my last post. He likes Hendrix, and I found a badass picture of him that I'd never seen, so it seemed an appropriate choice.

It's A2 size. Acrylic and Emulsion on canvas.

Sunday, 29 August 2010

Make your own Birthday Cards...

It's way cooler.

Here's one I made last week and gave to my good friend Christopher Robin. He's a drummer, so I made him into an Evil Gundam Drum Robot from the future.

Friday, 27 August 2010

Holy crap! Thought-controlled computers on the way: Intel

Found this article on Phsyorg.com. Crazy crazy shit. I've drawn a comic at the bottom of this article to show some of my thoughts on the matter.

"Intel scientists are currently mapping out brain activity produced when people think of particular words, by measuring activity at about 20,000 locations in the brain. The devices being used to do the mapping at the moment are expensive and bulky MRI scanners, similar to those used in hospitals, but senior researcher at Intel, Dean Pomerlau, said smaller gadgets that could be worn on the head are being developed. Once the brain activity is mapped out the computer will be able to determine what words are being thought by identifying similar brain patterns and differences between them.

Pomerlau said words produce activity in parts of the brain associated with what the word represents. So thinking of a word for a type of food, such as apple, results in activity in the parts of the brain associated with hunger, while a word with a physical association such as spade produces activity in the areas of the motor cortex related to making the physical movements of digging. In this way the computer can infer attributes of a word to narrow it down and identify it quickly.

A working prototype can already detect words like house, screwdriver and barn, but as brain scanning becomes more advanced the computer's ability to understand thoughts will improve.

If the plans are successful users will be able to surf the Internet, write emails and carry out a host of other activities on the computer simply by thinking about them. Director of Intel Laboratories, Justin Ratner, said it is clear humans are no longer restricted to using a keyboard and mouse, and mind reading is the "ultimate user interface." He said he is confident any concerns about privacy will be overcome.

While many able-bodied computer users may hesitate to adopt a technology that operates a by reading their minds, people who are unable to use a keyboard or a mouse through disability should find the new technology gives them much more freedom and opportunities for communicating."

Source: Physorg

Click the image to see it larger.

Friday, 20 August 2010

Patrick's Sketch Diary 34

Here's a drawing of a Frenchman eating his cooked breakfast. The page next to it is a diary page I wrote on the day of filming the Fosters advert which I blogged pics of HERE.

Then the following single page is a drawing I did of one of my co-extras. (He's the one in the far left of screen, obscured by the pillar in THIS pic, and facing away from us, far left of screen on THIS pic! haha.)

There's always LOTS of time between shots....

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Guru Bieber? Can Justin control time with his magic sound beams?

I know this may shock you, but Justin Bieber is a master of the mystic arts. Honestly... He has secretly been altering the minds of the populous with his famous brand of sped up spiritualism.

A recent photograph of Justin Bieber

Don't believe me?

Here is Justin Beiber's track "U Smile" slowed down by 800 percent... (Slowing it in this way reveals Bieber's true vision: An Ambient Spiritual Odyssey!)

This is honestly, so strangely beautiful it will blow your mind. The full version is over 30 mins long... wow.

Now... you will read many things about how this is just some sort of delightful mistake etc etc... but I believe it to be "the Bieber's" intention all along. We have just discovered it much early than he planned.

I believe that this new discovery illustrates what a few of us have believed all along, Justin Bieber thinks 800% faster than normal human beings. I hope that, through his music... we can all learn to become time-bending brainiacs.

That little guy..... he's a genius.

Patrick's Sketch Diary 33

A couple more for you Sketch Diary followers out there. This one was from way back in February, (I think).

Sunday, 15 August 2010

Saturday, 14 August 2010

Patrick's Sketch Diary 31

Silvercub sells out?

Here's some screen caps from the Fosters ads I'm in. (Just to prove I wasn't lying right?)

I'd like to thank the horse...

My cardigan...

And the really tall dude, for making this all possible.


Thursday, 12 August 2010

Guest Panel on community Art project: Bea AD

I just love user sourced art and films etc. I think it's a fantastic way to get people inspired, and involved in what you do. You may remember I created a scene for STAR WARS UNCUT as well)

So when I came across this project, the self proclaimed "Exquisite Corpse Experiment", I instantly was drawn to it. (No pun intended.)

The idea is simple, the blog owner has created a character which will go on a journey through a comic. the narrative of comic itself is completely at the will of the artists that take part. Each panel drawn by a different illustrator. (Of varying skill level and sense of style.)

And that's it really... below is my submission. I felt that the previous panels didn't quite have enough text in them to steer the story... so I kinda maximised on the text! haha.

I also felt that the character could do with not being naked anymore... so I kinda took that into account with the second half of the panel. haha

To see the rest of the comic... or to get involved yourself, go here:


Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Whoever said stacking shelves is uncreative...

This photo was taken in a US supermarket.

That is simply the greatest softdrinks display that has ever been.

Friday, 6 August 2010

Patrick's Sketch Diary 29

So... as a preemptive strike, before people start going on about the fact that "Kick-Ass" is already a film.... I know that. My sketchbook diary pages are from much earlier this year so they are delightfully out of date, but I still display them for your delectation.

I quite like this page because I had to step out of my own style to do it. JRJr's style is amazing, and mimicking him makes me feel like a better artist. haha

Thursday, 5 August 2010

Patrick's Sketch Diary 28

This is what happens to me when I am away from my sketchbook for too long. All my dumb ideas build up and become actual psychosis. Enjoy.