Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Magnets Manipulate Morals

“A new study has found magnetic fields can be used to confuse a region in the brain that controls a person’s sense of morality.

Using a powerful magnetic field, scientists are able to scramble the moral centre of the brain, making it more difficult for people to separate innocent intentions from harmful outcomes.

The research, which appears this week in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, could have big implications for not only neuroscientists, but also for judges and juries.

‘It’s one thing to ‘know’ that we’ll find morality in the brain,’ says Dr Liane Young, a scientist at Massachusetts Institute of Technology and co-author of the article. ‘It’s another to ‘knock out’ that brain area and change people’s moral judgments.’”

Source: Discovery News

So..... Pretty sure that'll be a new story idea in the X-Men comic books. Magneto uses his magnetic powers to make everyday people commit atrocious crimes that they have no remorse for... And if not... WHY NOT?!? It's the perfect cover! The X-Men will be looking for a telepath and they won't ever see it coming. Geek rant over.

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