Thursday, 18 March 2010

Business is as Business Does...

So, as some of you know I recently took part in an exhibition of works relating to album artwork for the One Bird Records launch party.

I took it upon myself to assume that there might be some musicians/managers/label related people there. So I decided I may just need a couple of business cards available to give out to people interested in my art. Being the organized person that I am, I thought of doing this roughly 4 hours prior to the exhibition. (But time pressures work for me so all was well in hell. Ho Hum.)

Below are some of the business cards I hand rendered for the event. Each one was drawn as an individual piece whilst sat in a coffee shop waiting for my train.


It was fun watching people flick through them and pick their favourite out, or in fact, looking at them worryingly... like they weren't supposed to take them. haha.

One or two of them will end up being redrawn as larger pieces later down the line. I am a particular fan of "Toothby Jones" in the top left. I'm already working on a mahoosive version of him. Shweeeet.

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