Saturday, 5 December 2009

Why the fuck do some people consider Eggs Dairy?

Look... this is just a short rant, (because my gripe is fairly self-explanatory) but seriously... why are Eggs commonly considered a Dairy product?

They are quite clearly a meat, or at least a potential one, but for some reason it is popularly misconstrued. I even fully remember food charts in classrooms when I was younger, quite unashamedly putting them alongside milk and cheese in the Dairy Group. And if, like me, you have the inclination to ask people at random what food group eggs belong to, this misconception proves popular... but why?

They share nothing in common with all the other "Dairy Products" that are consumed on a daily basis. They come from a completely different part of a completely different type of animal (an animal that doesn't even produce milk!). And you can't use them in place milk (or any of the other known dairy products) in a recipe.

In fact... as far as I can tell... Dairy is an exclusive term for milk and it's related processed products.

The only real connection with dairy products and eggs, is that both are sold in the same aisle in supermarkets. That is a fact. So in order to make it easier for ourselves to remember, we lump them in.

Pure laziness.

Well... There is also another reason for all of this idiocy which I've uncovered in my research. Apparently, it wasn't until 2005 that Eggs were officially considered a meat product. Up until then they were always represented as "Dairy Related", which to me is a cop out anyway. (You don't pick up a turtle from a beach and say "This is Fish related").

Long story short - Generations and generations of kids (including myself) were taught incorrectly.

Education does not end when you leave school people... so here I am schooling you on food groups... And if you get it wrong again I'll feed raw eggs to your babies and pour milk in your meringue mixture.

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