Sunday, 6 December 2009

So this is Birthday... And what have we done?

The famous opening line from John and Yoko's 1970's hit song, "Happy Birthday (Year Is Over)".

Written in Octember of 1971... But today that song has a particular relevance to me... as it is my birthday.

Birthdays are weird things, you know... You spend much of your young life wishing for them to come quickly, and then as you age you begin to hope that they come around less and less often. I mean... with many of my current circle of friends, I don't even know their birthdays, as they don't really want it to be a big deal. It's kind of embarrassing having a "ME ME ME" day, right?

Anyway, I've always had a strange relationship with my "annual womb escape remembrance day", as... although I have fond memories of my childhood birthdays, I had a lot of shit parties in my early teens.... And because of their total suckiness (versus the good times kid birthdays), they really put me off making a big deal about my yearly shame.

In fact, I'll quickly tell you this, the main culprit for this Birthday vibe-kill, was from when I was about 12 or 13... I was in American Air Force schooling in Croughton, England, and it was a couple of weeks before my birthday. I decided to have a party, invited everyone and their dog, got my mum to get truckloads of snacks, and then on the day I sat nervously and waited in my front room for all the guests to show up.

Well, rather dissappointingly only TWO guests showed up. One was this weird kid I sat across from in Social Studies Class (Who once told me about how he had to get an operation on his twisted ballsack), and one was my local youth group leader.

Sweet party.

When I went to school the next week, everyone ran the excuse of "thinking it was the week after" or whatever, but seriously... whether or not that's true. Fuck you.

...And I know that everyone has had shit birthdays, but that stuff sticks in your head right?

In any case, today I venture further into my adulthood, and intend to celebrate it with a modest meal at my favourite local restaurant. If you want to celebrate it with me, have a Budweiser in my name wherever you may be.


Zzaarozynya said...

I guess the older we get, the more reflective we become. And birthdays only make us more aware of our lack of time on this earth - all in all it can be pretty depressing :§ Personally I have always loved birthdays, and even now still count down the days. This could be because I have always had the best of times on those days, and family and friends have always made them super special. I guess I attack birthdays with a childlike stance - with cake, candles and balloons. Perhaps its time for a new era of birthday-ness Mr P?? Anywho, enjoy, whatever direction you take today in. And I shall toast a Peroni to you later :)

Patrick C said...

I write those memories in the best of humour... I DO like having Birthdays, and I DO like presents and cake and all that business. It's more the whole 'organizing a party' that I don't get excited about...

But last year I went out for a nice dinner and that was fun, so I'm repeating & increasing the dosage this year!