Sunday, 13 December 2009

Soldiers of Fortune? - The cynical side of Christmas

Look... this might just be me but, does anyone else find that "The Soldiers" pop group a little bit in bad taste???

Releasing an album & single called "Coming Home" at a time like this is a piss take of the poor families whose sons and daughters won't be coming home this Christmas... because they are still fighting in the Middle East. For a war (and a progressive occupation) that the public didn't even agree with in the first place.

This is the most disgustingly cynical attack on the nations' heartstrings, for a cheap Christmas buck... and I am genuinely sickened every time I see their advert on TV, or hear their song on the radio. Plus... It's not even GOOD!

Ok... maybe I'm being unfair.... so some of the money is going to charity... SOME. Which is great and all, but that is in no way the primary reason for this release. The reason for this release is to get people emotional enough to part with their hard earned money at Tesco's. (While they wait in the queue, to buy their dinner for one.)

Not cool.

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