Sunday, 13 February 2011

The second of the 3 design jobs this week...

...was to design a series of images for a friend's website.

Michael J Rawson is a comedy scriptwriter for Film and TV, and he wanted some fun and fresh images to personalise his website and make it more in-keeping with his writing style. There's nothing worse than a plain and boring website, that's filled with great content. The correct window dressing helps to add to the inspiration factor.

Click the image to enlarge

Above is theHeader/Background image I drew, coloured & textured for his site. I opted for a retro look mixed with a "Simpsons" cartoon colour palette.

His site acts as an online CV and script access for potential producers/investors. So contained on the website are also individualised fonts drawn for each of his scripts. I won't post them up for the moment because, out of context they might not make sense.

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