Tuesday, 15 February 2011

The Joe Bloggz Hip-Hop Minimix...

As you all know I have always been a huge Hip-Hop fan, but for some reason have never been involved in actually making any properly... so when a friend approached me to record his tunes I jumped at the chance. We've recorded 6 1/2 tracks so far and are looking to actually collaborate more fully on a future project. Below is a 4-minute minimix of some of the highlights.

As for production, I cannot claim credit for the beats... they were made by various producers scattered across these fair isles. I DID however: Make sound effects, scratch, and sing* (*on the final track in the minimix.) Oh and also I do the stupid minimix robo-voice (which actually makes me crack up every time i listen to this.

hope you enjoy, please listen to it right the way through and leave comments.

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