Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Indie Hip-Hop's King and Indie Indie's Queen start intriguing new project

My favourite rapper: Aesop Rock and Moldy Peaches's Kimya Dawson have joined forces to create a fusion of both of their styles. The project, tentatively named "Bag-Less Maggots" (or possibly "YadaYadaSTOP") was formed after Aesop Rock was brought in to produce Kimya's forthcoming solo album. Below is the first capture of them performing live, at a recent appearance on the 25th of January.

The song, "Delicate Cycle" demonstrates a mixture of Aesop's overtly verbose and cleverly phrased flows on top of Kimya's trademark loose acoustic strums. Dawson's pretty but simple melodies with quirky storytelling lyrics will remind readers of her work on the Juno soundtrack.

This video (although slow to start) makes me extremely excited about what comes next!

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