Sunday, 18 October 2009

"Handa's Surprise" Drawings...

My mother, Gillian, works in a preschool in Warwickshire...

She's always been amazing with kids, and ever since I can remember she's looked after other people's children. I can recall, as a young boy in California, getting home from school and there being at least 2-4 kids (who I wasn't related to) running around in my house. I was obviously involved in helping to keep them entertained, and perhaps that's where my overtly social disposition began. In any case, this is all background to the image in my Blog today.

My mum approached me last week to draw some pictures which she could use in one of her 'Story time' sessions (at the aforementioned preschool). She asked particularly for me to draw an image from a picture book I read as a child... A charming book called "Handa's Surprise".


It's the story of a young girl who goes on a journey to collect fruit, which is subsequently eaten by loads of rather naughty animals on her way home, without her knowledge (as it's all balanced on her head).

Just when the whole journey seems like a bleak waste of time (for the viewer), she walks under a heavily laden tangerine tree which refills her basket, again without her knowledge.

She arrives home, and Handa and her friend eat the tangerines, visually stoked.

Above is the pencil drawing I did today of Handa's arrival home.

P.S. Corn Rows are really hard to draw.

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