Monday, 26 October 2009

The Acoustic Set...

So, last night I finally broke down the wall and performed an acoustic set, by myself... for the first time... ever.

Quite a few people were shocked when I mentioned that I had never once performed alone on stage, and that I was nervous as all hell about it. I mean, I've been singing with bands for ten years now... but I always had the assurance that if I fucked up, it'd be covered up by everyone else playing well. (That's the theory anyway.) And to add to that, I've really only been playing guitar in front of people for the last year. So suffice to say, I had a few worries about the set.

In any case, the set went really well and the turnout was great (for a Random Sunday in Autumn). Obviously it wasn't a flawless set, I fucked up a chord or two here or there... but for my first shot... I was stoked. People seemed to really enjoy it too. So I'm glad to have finally broken through that mental wall.

Here is a video of me practicing 'Moscow' so you can get a flavour of the set. Some live videos are sure to follow.

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