Friday, 11 September 2009

Tori Amos...

Tonight, myself and my friend Karl are going to see one of our favourite artists... Tori Amos.

Tori has a special relevance to our friendship as she was the reason I decided to meet with & eventually work with Karl creating music. The fact that he admired her work in the same way that I did, gave me hope for us being compatible as songwriters.

We, in fact, both saw her perform on the same tour back in 2000. The Strange Little Girls tour. A show which saw me sleeping rough in Manchester train station, just so I could see the entire set. Haha. (So cold... but so worth it)

Recently Tori released her best work in ages. The album, "Abnormally Attracted to Sin" is incredible, and I hope any readers of this Blog will give it a chance and check it out. In fact, just go back and buy her back catalogue. She is a truly unique artist.

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