Friday, 18 September 2009

Escher in Lego

When I was younger I was absolutely fascinated with the works of MC Escher. An artist who dealt, just as much with Maths and Illusion, as he did with actual image making skills.

I recently stumbled upon a website of a strange and interesting mind. A self-professed "professional nerd" called Andrew Lipson. There's a lot of interesting visual stuff on his website, but I was most drawn to his reworks of the most famous Escher pieces... done in LEGO.

Here are the reworks and the originals for your comparison.


‘Ascending and Descending’


On the making of "Waterfall", Lipson says:

"The waterfall itself was about an evening’s work. I started by writing some C code to model a gradually widening parabolic arch with random variations for the spray (hacked from the code I use for my mathematical Lego sculptures) and then gradually modified it by hand until I liked the look of the result."

This guy is basically insane.

But what talent.

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