Sunday, 26 June 2011

My Everyday Art Comic Panels (A Quick Catch Up - PART 2)

So here's the second instalment of our little catch up of the kind of stupid things that get me through a work day. After this I will try and get back on top of my updates, so that the jokes can be a bit more timely to you readers.....

Example 2.j - Where The Wild Things Are

Example 2.k - Dear John

Example 2.l - Prophet, A

Example 2.m - Did You Hear About The Morgans

Example 2.m - Nine Dead

Example 2.n - Go Diego, Go

Example 2.o - Season of the Witch

Example 2.p - Bad Lieutenant

Example 2.q - King's Speech, The

Example 2.r - Love & Other Drugs

Example 2.s - True Grit

Example 2.t - Just go With It

Example 2.u - I Am Number Four

Feel free to comment on these posts by the way about any of the gags you like, go ahead and repost them elsewhere as long as you credit the source as well. Peace.

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