Saturday, 25 June 2011

My Everyday Art Comic Panels (A Quick Catch Up - PART 1!)

It is likely that readers of my blog will have no Idea that I've been continuing with my Quick Comic Panels at work, because I have entirely failed to update it with the new work! (Sorry... eeep.) I've had a couple of emails about it so I thought I would drop a "catch up" in 2 parts, reminding you why you bother even following my all-over-the-place blog of nothingness.

Example 1.z - Paranormal Activity

Example 2.a - x-Men Origins: Wolverine

Example 2.b - Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, The

Example 2.c - Astro Boy

Example 2.d - Dead Man Running

Example 2.e - Robin Hood

Example 2.f - Triangle

Example 2.g - Shrek

Example 2.h - Whip It

Example 2.i - Winter's Bone

Stay Tuned for the next quick Catch-up tomorrow!.

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