Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Banbury State Of Mind (unfinished) - THE VIDEO!

So about 2 years back a friend and I started a shitty parody of Jay Z & Alicia Keys's "New York State of Mind" about our town Banbury.

We had these huge plans of remaking the video shot for shot in various locations around the town, (I was even going to dress as Alicia Keys and set up a piano on the Banbury Cross.) Truthfully, we never got past laying down the guide vocals so we haven't even really got a full song. Haha.

In any case... we've now sat on this jam for far too long, and I thought I'd post it up now before it is completely irrelevant.

So here's the first 2 verses and a chorus to give you an idea of what we were on about. I've cut together a shockingly beautiful lyrics video to accompany the noises.

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