Friday, 6 May 2011

Silver(Screen)Cub appears twice in Clint Eastwood's "Hereafter".

I posted a few months back regarding the fact that I appeared in the trailer for Clint Eastwood's most recent move "Hereafter" (which was EXTREMELY exciting for me, Especially considering that Eastwood is one of my all-time heroes!). However when i went to see the film in the cinema I noticed myself even more obviously a second time:

The other scene is during a reading of "Little Norrit" by Derek Jacobi. The scene also features Matt Damon, but he is at the end of the shot and I'm at the beginning. (He was sat about 5 or 6 rows in front of me.)

It was during the setup for that shot that I overheard a conversation between Damon and Eastwood in which Eastwood made a drummer joke... I actually nearly wet my pants when I heard it.

This second set of screen caps comes from about a minute later in the film where again I was placed near enough the action to get a decent view. The guy I'm walking/conversing with is called Phil Cosby. Yep.... Phil Cosby. He was a good dude.

Thanks for joining me for another exciting edition of Spot the Ball!

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