Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Guru Bieber? Can Justin control time with his magic sound beams?

I know this may shock you, but Justin Bieber is a master of the mystic arts. Honestly... He has secretly been altering the minds of the populous with his famous brand of sped up spiritualism.

A recent photograph of Justin Bieber

Don't believe me?

Here is Justin Beiber's track "U Smile" slowed down by 800 percent... (Slowing it in this way reveals Bieber's true vision: An Ambient Spiritual Odyssey!)

This is honestly, so strangely beautiful it will blow your mind. The full version is over 30 mins long... wow.

Now... you will read many things about how this is just some sort of delightful mistake etc etc... but I believe it to be "the Bieber's" intention all along. We have just discovered it much early than he planned.

I believe that this new discovery illustrates what a few of us have believed all along, Justin Bieber thinks 800% faster than normal human beings. I hope that, through his music... we can all learn to become time-bending brainiacs.

That little guy..... he's a genius.

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