Tuesday, 28 July 2009

The Snout - Comic Ad

Earlier this year I visited Florence & Tuscany in Italy.

It was right at the start of this whole media frenzy about Swine Flu, and obviously a lot of people were caught up in the fear of the whole thing.

I found myself unable to contain my laughter though, when the little oriental ladies walked past me in their official anti-germ face masks. I even took to actually saying the words 'Swine Flu' if I coughed or sneezed just to freak people out... in the same way you muffle the word "Wanker" in a fake sneeze sometimes to make fun of someone. It gave me hours of pleasure.

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However, when the laughs from that childish gag wore down, I took to a more effective way of occupying my time... Drawing. I came up with this idea that you could market ironic germ-wear and decided to draw a comic advert for one of them. It's called "The Snout".

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